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Empathy Paper: Assignment Sheet and Rubric

The Empathy Paper is the capstone of this course. In a social and political climate characterized by extreme positions and divisiveness, the paper encourages you to take a step back and engage in the first step to any conversation, persuasive or no: careful listening and what rhetorician Kenneth Burke refers to as “identification.”

Your paper will be 7+ pages in total. It will be well researched, immaculately organized, and concisely and engagingly written. It will present both sides of an argument; you will have succeeded if I can’t tell one position from the other.


                Your research will be drawn from at least 10 reputable sources.

                                At most 2 can be opinion-based (a blog, etc.), and should be introduced in your paper as                                as such.

At least 1 should be a print source that you actually go and find in the actual physical library.

Most (=5+) should be published in the last 5-7 years.

You will complete two perfect essays: with a compelling, organizing thesis, topic sentences that outline what the paragraph is about and tie back to the thesis, an introduction and conclusion that do their jobs. You will utilize your sources to ethically and fairly support and elucidate your argument.

You will complete and a 1-page reflection on the process of researching and writing this paper. This reflection will also be logically organized, grammatically correct and not excessively casual.

All of this in perfect MLA and without grammatical or punctuation errors.

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