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66 points SmithNM12 6.My Notes | Question Part Points Solve the inequality. 3 x 3x + 15 2.66 points SmithNM12 6.

1.–/1.66 points SmithNM12 6.5.040.My Notes |Question PartPointsSolve the inequality.3 − x ≥ 3x + 152.–/1.66 points SmithNM12 6.6.017.My Notes |Question PartPointsWrite a formula to express the given relation.The area A of a parallelogram is the product of the base b and the height h.3.–/1.66 points SmithNM12 6.6.028.My Notes |Question PartPointsIf you multiply a number by three and then subtract negative ten, the difference is negative seventeen. What is the number?4.–/1.66 points SmithNM12 6.7.005.My Notes |Question PartPointsWrite the ratio given as a simplified ratio.A cement mixture calls for 150 pounds of cement for 5 gallons of water. What is the ratio of cement to water? to 15.–/1.66 points SmithNM12 6.7.043.My Notes |Question PartPointsIf 5 melons sell for $0.75, how much would 6 melons cost?$ 6.–/1.7 points SmithNM12 6.8.047.My Notes |Question PartPointsIf 11% of the 240 million adult Americans live in poverty, how many adult Americans live in poverty? million adult Americans

1)Solve the inequality.3 − x ≥ 3x + 15 3 − x ≥ 3 x + 15Adding x on both the sidesx + 3 − x ≥ x + 3x + 153 ≥ 4 x + 15Subtracting 15 from both the sides3 − 15 ≥ 4 x + 15 −...
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