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7 page paper

Research and report on two companies. Pick one which has primarily adhered to a policy of internal innovation and a second which has acquired technology several times through external means as detailed in our prior units. Compare and contrast the two approaches from the context of:

  • Implementation
  • Evaluation
  • Control
  • Overall Portfolio Management

Relate them all back to your company’s success or lack thereof and consider the individual contribution each of these individual components has on the result. In both companies, consider if their approach is sustainable or if they need to change any of their methods applied in these four categories. Also consider if they need to switch between internal and external innovation overall.

Present your ideas as a complete set of recommendations for the company both evaluating their past performance and providing future recommendations.Also include consideration of current events (macroeconomic, competition, etc.) when making your recommendations.


  • 7-10 pages Content
  • APA 6th ed. Formatting
  • 7-10 References
  • This assignment is worth up to 225 points
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