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7 Pull It All Together To solve these problems, you BIG idea Visualization, Reasoning and Proof, and Similarity will pull together You can show that...

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7Pull It All TogetherTo solve theseproblems, youBIG idea Visualization, Reasoning and Proof, and Similaritywill pull togetherYou can show that two triangles are similar when certain relationships exist betweenmany conceptstwo or three pairs of corresponding parts. If you know two triangles are similar, thenand skills thatyou know their corresponding sides are have studiedabout similarity.Task 1In the diagram below, AC | DF | BH and CB || FE.a. Find four similar triangles. Explain how you know that they are all similar.b. Using the similar triangles you found in part (a], complete the followingextended proportion:BIG idea SimilarityLines with special relationships to the sides and angles of a triangle determineproportional segments. When you know the lengths of some of the segments,you can use a proportion to find an unknown length.Task 2You are making the kite shown at the right fromfive pairs of congruent panels. In parts (a)-(d)below, use the given information to find the sideD15 inlengths of the kite's panels.ABCD is a kite.EB - 15 in., BC - 25 in.The extended ratio XY : YZ : ZC is 3 : 1 :4.. 25 isEX 1 BC, EX || YF | GZa. ABEXb. XEFYC YFGZd. AZGCPowerGeometry.comChapter 7 Pull it All Together479Copyright @ 2011 Pearson Education, Inc.
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