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Instructions: B. The FDA also wanted input on the use of the term “healthy”! Click here to read the background:https://www.federalregister.gov/documents/2016/09/28/2016-23365/use-of-the-term-healthy-in-the-labeling-of-human-food-products-request-for-information-and-commentsWrite a final paper, minimum of 8 pages on this topic, with your recommendations to the FDA about what to do with the term “healthy.”- Provide relevant background notes on some aspects of regulatory history, with reference to how they might be relevant to this question.- Read some of the submitted material and comment on it as you formulate your own position.- Discuss the interests that might win or lose, depending on the outcome.- What are their resources, and what is their likely position?Present your position and back it up. Discuss the pros and cons and conclude with your analysis of what might happen.Minimum of 8 pages double spaced1-inch marginsFont of 121-1/2 sources per page of textI attached some articles that might help . Careful with the sourcesNumber of Pages/ slides: 8 Pages/40 slidesDeadline: 7 days

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