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__________________ and _______________ are means to destroy public utilities without physical destruction.Political coups; weapons of mass...

__________________ and _______________ are means to destroy public utilities without physical destruction.

A.Political coups; weapons of mass destruction

B.Landmines; guerilla warfare

C.Shelling; biological warfare

D.Sanctions; blockades

Which of the following IS NOT among the major reported causes of death among refugees and displaced populations?

A.diarrheal diseases

B.acute respiratory infections



Crude Mortality Rates (CMRS) are usually expressed as ________________ early in an emergency.

A.deaths per 10,000 population per week

B.deaths per 1000 per year

C.deaths per 10,000 population per day

D.deaths per 1000 per day

The decrease in outbreaks of Measles among refugee populations since the 1980s is attributed to

A.vaccination campaigns


C.improved santation

D.improved treatment

Which of the following IS NOT TRUE of the Ottawa process?

A.It has led to considerable press and media attention to the landmine issue

B.The United States is among the signers

C.It has led to the effective banning of the distribution of landmines

D.It has led to effective banning of the production of landmines

____________ has used unilateral economic sanctions more than any other country and has imposed sanctions more than 100 times in the 20th century.



C.The United States

D.The Soviet Union

What are the three key determinants of a location for a refugee camp?

A.access to recreation for children, access to sanitary facilities and adequate farm land

B.access to a place to bury the dead, clean water and farmland

C.safety of residents, adequate quantities of clean water and all weather access by vehicles

D.warm weather, medical facilities and access by ships

Which of the following is a potential drawback of 'feeding camps'?

A.Warring parties may target areas where populations regularly congregate.

B. Families will be forced to work for the food.

C.Families will obtain fast-growing seeds that will cause environmental degradation.

D.Families will be vulnerable because they need to carry large amount of cash to the camps.

Which of the following groups IS NOT more vulnerable in times of complex emergencies?

A.households including an adult male

B.children under 5


D.pregnant women

_____________ is mandated to carry out the protection and care of civilian populations during armed conflicts.


B.Doctors without Borders

C.The International Committee of the Red Cross

D.The World Health Organization

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