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A Chance for Faramir, Captain of Gondor, to Show his Quality - Components of an Effective Website


1. WRITE, a five-paragraph essay (600-800 words) discussing three essential components of an effective website. Base your essay on the reading material from modules 1-7, and make sure to

  • begin with a brief introduction that provides an overview of your essay
  • give sufficient detail to support your thoughts
  • end with a conclusion that restates main ideas
  • proofread your work for grammar, punctuation, and style before submitting

Please cite your sources at the end of your work (APA formatting), and include the word count at the bottom.

2. SUBMIT your work by typing directly in the provided text box, or copy/paste your summary from an external document. Since the submission uses the text box, you are not required to use a specific format other than what is described above.

BONUS - For ten (10) extra credit points, add an additional paragraph before the conclusion that highlights one (1) website you believe effecitvely demonstrates the three components presented in your essay, and explain why.


The content for this course is presented in a module format. Students should:

  • review and complete items sequentially
  • access course materail through the Home tab
  • follow all instructions, including submission and formatting requirements

Be sure to contact the instructor with any questions, comments, concerns, or general gipery regarding the course and/or the world at large; remember - resubmissions, late submissions, and make-up work are only considered in extreme circumstances.

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