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A hospital is operating in a very competitive market place where are dozens of facilities found within a 25 mile radius.

A hospital is operating in a very competitive market place where are dozens of facilities found within a 25 mile radius. The chief financial officer is concerned about loss of market share in their surgical services sector to direct competitors and needs to determine if these concerns are valid. Which data should be used to compare and contrast with information from competitors?

-number of patients having surgery by physician and month by month trends

-average length of stay for patients broken down into weekly increments

-survey results of physician and staff satisfaction with the surgery department

-a map showing patient's residence in proximity to the hospital

When a patient is under the care of multiple providers, there are different treatment plan to keep track of, making it difficult for patients to be compliant. Which technology should be provided to alleviate the problem?

-clinical summary access

-follow-up reporting tools

-immediate laboratory reports

-pharmacy contact information

The managers at a healthcare organization are trying to improve service to the patients. They need to use the best suited software to retain existing patients and attract new patients. Which system should be used?





A director of oncology services needs a report to evaluate medication errors in the department for the past three months. Which IT system will solve this business problem?

-medication dispensing software

-incident reporting system

-electronic medical record

-pharmacy ordering system

A team leader of a hospital that is implementing a new clinical decision support system(CDSS) is providing materials to the medical staff highlighting how CDSS benefits of this patients. What is one of the benefits of this system?

-faster appointment scheduling

-reduced emergency department wait time

-reduced risk of misdiagnosis

-faster prescription refills

A hospital wants to improve patient satisfaction and has established a team to accomplish this goal. The team has a recommended the hospital implement a new patient portal to create personal health record. What is a concern that patients may express when using this new system?

-longer waits to obtain medication refills

-longer waits to set up appointments

-inability to access entire medical record

-inability to communicate with office staff

A hospital has just joined a community health information exchange (HIE). In the past, lab results shared among other facilities in the community was a cumbersome process often requiring faxes or hard copy paper reports. Which feature of the community HIE will improve sharing laboratory results?





As part of a large healthcare system, a chemical dependency clinic shares the same electronic health record with the rest of the network. The chemical dependency clinic is concerned that unauthorized staff might access protected chemical dependency information. How can this concern be minimized?

-switch back to a paper record for the patient's chemical dependency visits

-use a different electronic medical record for the chemical dependency visits

-ensure that the patient data is accurate and openly accessible to the clinics

-make sure that the system's user requirement prevent inappropriate access

To create integrated healthcare delivery system, a non-profit hospital formed service alliances with other healthcare entities such as physicians, insurers, and providers. As part of this change, the hospital hopes to create web-based health information interchange. Which two factors are challenges of this system for the providers?

-providers being concerned about the security of the platform

-increased financial risk resulting from increased compensation

-providers loss of autonomy over their practices

-increased demands as the result of increased market share

A healthcare system wants to make care delivery more patient-centric. In doing so, they have integrated their healthcare system and will work closely with social servicer organizations, public health facilities, and multiple acute hospitals. As important part of this integration is the ability to share data throughout the healthcare system. Which benefit can the patient derive from this system?

-increased accuracy of medical record data

-improved care coordination amongst providers

-stronger financial support for medical treatments

-enhanced access to healthcare facilities

A patient has been referred to an inner-city hospital for psychiatric evaluation. The hospital contracts with a nearby hospital that has psychiatric staff and the ability to conduct remote psych evaluations with live videoconferencing. Which challenge will affect the patient with regards to the interview?

-the patient is unable to interact with the therapist properly

-the patient's insurance will not pay for tele-medicine consults

-the patient is uncomfortable with video conferencing

-the patient will have to provide a special insurance rider for the consult

a patient is taken to a critical access hospital with chest pain, and a long history of cardiac surgery and multiple cardiac stents. The critical access hospital physician determines a tele-cardiology consult is necessary. Which other technology should the physician have available in addition to video conferencing?

-picture archiving communication system

-vital sign connectivity system

-translation & language services

-transcription system

A medium-sized hospital wants to adopt an information and communication technology (ICT) program to help ensure that it is meeting the security standards for the health insurance portability and affordability act (HIPAA) regulations. What do stakeholders need to evaluate to determine if an ICT will help this situation?

-the available types of files that the ICT can utilize

-the transactions and code sets that the ICT can handle

-the data protection controls provided by the ICT

-the ISO 9000 certification of the proposed ICT

Which executive officer in a healthcare system oversees long-term system integration strategy?





A healthcare facility has recently upgraded their system so physicians can access electronic health records remotely. The administration is concerned about the security of BYOD (bring your own device) How can this risk be managed?

-established authentication protocols

-lock down ports

-add firewalls

-assign hospital-owned devices

An internal medicine clinic has just implemented a clinical decision support systems (CDSS) to integrate with its electronic health record (EHR) from the same vendor. Clinic administration requires that the CDSS be updated as part of the ongoing maintenance of the EHR. How should this requirement be enforced?

-obtain CDSS updates by contacting ONC

-purchase CDSS maintenance from CMS

-incorporate CDSS into the service contract

-track CDSS updates through an online source

A large medical organization has found that it would be able to reduce its surgery backlog by improving the pre-operative process. What is one way to improve the pre-operative process?

-preadmission interview

-clinical summary

-progress notes

-patient portal

A large hospital system has several hospitals throughout the region and each location has its own set specialties. When a patient presents to a hospital that does not include that specialty, the patient must be transferred to another hospital. The administration would like to reduce the number of transfers. How can the number of transfers be reduced?

-upgrade the admit/discharge/transfer system

-implement asset tracking

-join the regional health information exchange

-utilize telemedicine

Hospital leadership wants to find a system the decrease the number of medication errors occurring in the hospital. The leadership team decides on a computerized physician order entry system (CPOE). How will the CPOE system help this hospital decrease the medication error rate?

-it will provide the practitioner with access to journal articles

-it will contribute to more accurate and legible orders

-it will provide much quicker entry of orders

-it will allow quicker turn-around time at area pharmacies

The practice manager of a clinic has encouraged the physician members to utilize computerized physician order entry (CPOE). The manager points out the benefits of the CPOE. What is a significant benefit from the physician's view point?

-alerts and reminders are available to identify drug-drug interactions or drug-allergy contraindications, improving quality and safety.

-in enables a drug to be visually compared with a picture of that drug on a computer to prevent wrong drug administration

-it can be used with bar-coded unit dosage of medication, saving data entry time, and reducing overall cost

-less time is needed to input orders, leaving time from physicians to see more patients

A hospital wants to replace its electronic health records (EHR) system and ensure all users are involved in the selection process. The hospital has narrowed the potential vendors down to three. How can the hospital ensure the system will perform to meet the requirements of the end users within the organization?

-include language in the contract with the vendor that ensures functionality

-have a user oversight committee make the final recommendation

-hold demonstrations of each vendor's solutions and solicit user feedback

-choose the vendor with the lowest overall cost and greatest reputation

A hospital has installed a picture archiving communication system (PACS)/radiology imaging system (RIS). Now, the hospital wishes to begin acceptance testing. What is the goal of this testing?

-to test user knowledge, take exam of knowledge, and print out certification

-to validate the fitness-for-use of the system by the application user

-to print a test image test from PACS then check scheduling in RIS

-to test process, test query, and run search of PACS/RIS database

What function does a patient portal typically serve for patients?

-virtual consults with physicians

-views of their medical record

-requests of medical record hard copies

-ability to edit problem list

A group of six primary care physician is considering purchasing an electronic health record (EHR) system. Which criterion is important in selecting the EHR?

-it must be meaningful use-certified by the office of the national coordinator

-each physician must attest that any incentive payment is assigned to each individual physician

-training is scheduled in advance with the vendor to ensure the physicians and support staff an use the system as quickly as possible

-the ability to use voice-to-text technology is required to ease the transition from paper to electronic media, especially for legacy physicians.

A health system has just joined a health information exchange (HIE) and is looking to provide return on investment details to the finance committee. Which metric should the health system use to show the benefit of joining the HIE?

-number of record retrievals by the health system via the HIE

-percentage decrease in redundant tests performed

-number of records sent to the HIE by the health system

-percentage of clinical documentation errors needing correction

A hospital executive wants to initiate a new health management information system. The goal is to implement bar scanning technology on all patient floors to improve patient safety in mediation administration. What is the first step that should be taken?

-select and install system software and interfaces

-organize and implementation team

-schedule the go-live date

-train staff on newly installed system and downtime procedures

Hospital administration asked information technology (IT) to implement an electronic medication administration records (eMAR) system over the next six months to help reduce medication errors to less than one percent. At the same time, the IT salary budget has been cut by 23%. How can the chief information officer meet administration's initiative within the budget constraints?

-assign one IT resource and let another department lead implementation

-hire permanent IT staff and cut another area of the budget

-hire contract IT resources for the project

-outsource the project to a company overseas

A hospital is preparing to replace its electronic health record system in order to move to a new one that is certified for meaningful use. Match each step with when step should be performed in order to maximize the chances of success.

Please choose either after vendor selection or before vendor selection

-measure system performance

-train clinical staff on how to use system

-define key objectives and requirements

-migrate legacy data

-engage with key stakeholders and clinical champions

-issue an RFP

A 40-year old male patient was admitted to the neurology unit with severe headache. The admission clerk enters the admitting diagnosis as pre-menstrual migraine into the electronic health record. Which component of data integrity will highlight the error in this entry?

-edit checks

-automatic save features

-required fields

-drop-down menus

A public school nurse suspects a student is being abused by a parent and notifies authorities. The school provides a full copy of the student's record, including health records, when requested by the abuse investigators. Which act supports the action of the school?





A nurse at a specialist's office emails a patient from the general office email. The email contains protected health information (PHI) and is not encrypted. Which type of violation has occurred in this incident?

-HIPAA privacy regulation

-ACA security regulation

-ACA privacy regulation

-HIPAA security regulation

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