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A mailing service places a limit of TZ in . on the combined length and girth of 'distance around ! a package to be sent parcel post . What dimensions...

A mailing service places a limit of TZ in . on the combined length and girth of 'distance around ! apackage to be sent parcel post . What dimensions of a rectangular box with square cross - section willcontain the largest volume that can be mailed ? ( Hint . There are two different girths _ !The dimensions are* =( 1 )and Y =1 21I'll in . ?`121 0 in .` in . "~} in ." ." in .`) in _ .A book publisher wants to know how many times a year a print run should be scheduled . Suppose it costs $1400 to set upthe printing process , and the subsequent cost per book is so low it can be ignored . Suppose further that the annualwarehouse cost is $5 times the maximum number of books stored . Assuming 5200 copies of the book are needed perYear , how many books should be printed in each print run ? Note that since the warehouse cost is based on the maximumnumber of books held and not the average , the Equation ] =\I should be used to determine the order quantity .The publisher should printbooks in each print run .( Round up to the nearest integer .!Every year , Danielle Santos sells 191 , 232 cases of her Delicious Cookie Mix . It costs her $ 2 per year in electricity to store*a case , plus she must pay annual warehouse fees of $3 per case for the maximum number of cases she will store . If itcosts her S747 to set up a production run , plus $9 per case to manufacture a single case , how many production runs*should she have each year to minimize her total costs ?"The number of production runs that Danielle should have isFor the following demand function , find lay E , and Ibj values of a fit any ; at which total revenue is maximized*9 = 46 - -| @ ) E =16 ) Select the correct choice below and , if necessary , fill in the answer box to complete your choice .~} A. The total revenue is maximized at 9 =~} E . No values of a maximize the total revenue .
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