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a. How many containers of yogurt were inspec

a. How many containers of yogurt were inspected? containers of yogurt

b. Find the class midpoints. Do all of the classes have the same width? If so, what is this width? If not, what are the different class widths?

Number of Days(Class Limits)Class WidthClass Midpoint

0 to 5

6 to 11

12 to 17

18 to 23

24 to 29

c. Prepare the relative frequency and percentage distribution columns.Round your answers for relative frequencies to three decimal places and your answers for percentages to one decimal place.

Number of Days(Class Limits)FrequencyRelative FrequencyPercentage

0 to 533

6 to 1166

12 to 1744

18 to 2324

24 to 2910

d. What percentage of the containers will expire in less than 18 days?Round your answer to one decimal place.% of the containers will expire in less than 18 days.

e. Explain why you cannot determine exactly how many containers have already expired.

It is necessary to know the average number of purchases per customer.

There are too many containers not included in the class 0 to 5.

0 is included in the class 0 to 5.

There are too few containers included in the class 0 to 5.

The containers that have not already expired skews the data.

f. What is the largest number of containers that may have already expired?The largest number of containers that could already have expired is . 

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