A Review of Spring and All by Williams


 In Spring and All, Williams writes that “the word must be put down for itself, not as a symbol of nature but as a part” (p. 22).  Write a paper about how Williams attempts to do this in one poem from Spring and All that we have not discussed in lecture.  What is the difference, for Williams, between putting a word down as a “symbol of nature” and putting it down “as a part” of nature?  How does this difference manifest itself in the poem you have chosen to discuss.  Pay close attention to how Williams uses language in the poem and not merely to what he writes about.

I think the difference between a “symbol of nature” and a “part of nature” is that a symbol of nature does not give audience memories about the poem but simply another poem that has been composed. However, on other hand, a part of nature means that audience would actually remember what the poem is about and what metaphors the poem has used, etc. Another way to interpret it is that a part of nature implies the smoothness of the poem that fits in any way possible to form a better poem. Another possible interpretation to a part of nature is that the poem could use anything around you like furniture, weather, books, or anything to make a metaphor, which blends into our everyday life.

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