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A snake of length L and linear mass density p rises from the table. It's head is moving straight up with the constant velocity 1;. What force does

The force that would be exerted would be proportional to the mass of the snake and the gravitational force, the problem being that as the snake rises the area of which it's body is acting on the table is decreasing at some (assumed constant) rate, R. How the rate and velocity is related, is probably some constant unknown co.ef. I need a formula for this, relating the length of the snake to the force that is exerted on the table & because this is in relationship to time, paired with the decreasing body, it shouldn't require integration, there are not "rates". Just the constant velocity, So... This just isn't something "normal" it's a weird question that requires a level of abstraction I have not obtained. I know the math & physics concepts, but putting them together to solve this is beyond me currently.

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