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A Tale of Two Coaches- Coach K and Coach Knight

Write a 500-750-word paper that analyzes the two leadership case studies found in the topic materials for this module, "Coach Knight: A Will to Win" and "Coach K: A Matter of the Heart."

Address the following questions and concepts:

Which of the leadership perspectives do you think is manifested in both coaches? What are the power bases both coaches rely upon? Whose actions are more aligned with a managerial role and whose actions are more aligned with a leadership role?

How significant were their respective traits in influencing their leadership? The textbook provides a list of traits and links these with the five-factor personality model. Is there an agreement between the traits you have identified and those presented in your text? In what ways has this affected the performance effectiveness of the coaches?

Prepare this assignment according to the APA guidelines


Self-confidence is another trait that helps one to be a leader. Selfconfidence is the ability to be certain about one’s competencies and skills.

It includes a sense of self-esteem and self-assurance and the belief that one can make a difference. Leadership involves influencing others, and selfconfidence allows the leader to feel assured that his or her attempts to influence others are appropriate and right.

Again, Steve Jobs is a good example of a self-confident leader. When Jobs described the devices he wanted to create, many people said they weren’t possible. But Jobs never doubted his products would change the world, and, despite resistance, he did things the way he thought best. “Jobs was one of those CEOs who ran the company like he wanted to. He believed he knew more about it than anyone else, and he probably did,” said a colleague (Stone, 2011

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