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"A Worn Path" in MLA FORMAT, essay help

Write an essay in MLA format about " a worn path" , by Eudora Welty and the critique given. Also come up with a title that defines the two texts. Come up with a well-detailed thesis using the short story and the critique.

Please find the thesis. Thesis has to be proven, just find evidence in the critique and book by using quotes!!

Remember find the thesis!

In paragraph one please do the following: Summarize the short story A worn path by Eudora Welty and then mention the critique,(Provide one to two sentences about the critique). And then in the last sentence of the introduction provide the thesis.

For the body paragraphs prove the thesis in the two texts!, Prove what the thesis is. Use quotes from the two texts to back up your thesis and to support the thesis.

conclusion: Should be a summary of what you mentioned in the introduction and the thesis, do not add anything new and do not repeat yourself!

DO NOT compare or contrast, ANALYZE the two texts

Paper has to be in MLA format

Has to be well written no choppy sentences, has to flow. Please use transition words.


REMEMBER only provide a summary in the introduction!!!

well structured paragraphs 12pt font double space 600 words .

Here's the link to the short story and the critique is below!


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