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ACC 205 Week 1 Assignment

The work ACC 205 Week 1 Assignment has the review of the Treasure Hunt Exploration Company. Trial Balance

Chapter 1, E1-21 (Using the accounting equation to analyze transactions) Caren Smith opened a medical practice. During July, the first month of operation, the business, titled Caren Smith, M.D., P.C. (Professional Corporation), experienced the following events: Chapter 1, P1-48 (Analyzing transactions and preparing financial statements) Draper Consulting, Inc., began operations and completed the following transactions during the first half of December: Chapter 2, P2-30A (Journalizing transactions, posting to T-accounts, and preparing a trial balance) Doris Stewart started her practice as a design consultant on September 1, 2012. During the first month of operations, the business completed the following transactions: Chapter 2, P2-53B (Correcting errors in a trial balance) The trial balance for Treasure Hunt Exploration Company does not balance.

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