ACC 492 Week 2 LTA Apollo Shoes Case Assignment (Trial Balances)

This work contains ACC 492 Week 2 LTA Apollo Shoes Case Assignment (Trial Balances Excel)

Cash on Hand
Regular Checking Account
Payroll Checking Account
Savings Account
Accounts Receivable
Other Receivables
Allowance for Doubtful Accounts
Reserve for Inventory Obsolescence
Prepaid Insurance
Prepaid Rent
Office Supplies
Notes Receivable-Current
Other Current Assets
Buildings and Land Improvements
Machinery, Equipment, Office Furniture
Accum. Depreciation
Other Noncurrent Assets
Accounts Payable
Sales Tax Payable
Wages Payable
FICA Employee Withholding
Medicare Withholding
Federal Payroll Taxes Payable
FUTA Tax Payable
State Payroll Taxes Payable
SUTA Tax Payable
FICA Employer Withholding
Medicare Employer Withholding
Line of Credit
Current Portion Long-Term Debt
Other Current Liabilities
Notes Payable-Noncurrent
Common Stock
Paid-in Capital
Retained Earnings
Sales - Spotlight
Sales Returns
Warranty Expense
Income from Investments
Interest Income
Miscellaneous Income
Cost of Goods Sold
Advertising Expense
Auto Expenses
Research and Development
Depreciation Expense
Warehouse Salaries
Property Tax Expense
Legal and Professional Expense
Bad Debt Expense
Insurance Expense
Maintenance Expense
Miscellaneous Office Expense
Payroll Tax Exp
Pension/Profit-Sharing Plan Ex
Rent or Lease Expense
Administrative Wages Expense
Interest Expense
Income Tax Expense - Federal
Income Tax Expense - State
Loss on Legal Settlement

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