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ACC 564 WK 5 Quiz 2

This archive of ACC 564 WK 5 Quiz 2 includes:

1) Wally Hewitt maintains an online brokerage account. In early March, Wally received an email from the firm that explained that there had been a computer error and that provided a phone number so that Wally could verify his customer information. When he called, a recording asked that he enter the code from the email, his account number, and his social security number. After he did so, he was told that he would be connected with a customer service representative, but the connection was terminated. He contacted the brokerage company and was informed that they had not sent the email. Wally was a victim of

2) When a computer criminal gains access to a system by searching records or the trash of the target company, this is referred to as

3) Jerry Schneider was able to amass operating manuals and enough technical data to steal $1 million of electronic equipment by

4) A part of a program that remains idle until some date or event occurs and then is activated to cause havoc in the system is a

5) The unauthorized copying of company data is known as

6) Computer fraud perpetrators who use telephone lines to commit fraud and other illegal acts are typically called

7) What is a denial of service attack?

8) Gaining control of someone else's computer to carry out illicit activities without the owner's knowledge is known as

9) Illegally obtaining and using confidential information about a person for economic gain is known as

10) Tapping into a communications line and then entering the system by accompanying a legitimate user without their knowledge is called

11) Which of the following is not a method of identify theft?

12) Which method of fraud is physical in its nature rather than electronic?

13) Which of the following is the easiest method for a computer criminal to steal output without ever being on the premises?

14) The deceptive method by which a perpetrator gains access to the system by pretending to be an authorized user is called

15) The unauthorized access to, and use of, computer systems is known as

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