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ACC 564 WK 8 Quiz 3

This paper of ACC 564 WK 8 Quiz 3 covers:

1) The best example of a hash total for a payroll transaction file could be

2) Error logs and review are an example of

3) Following is the result of batch control totals on employee Social Security Numbers in a payroll processing transaction:

4) Which of the following data entry controls would not be useful if you are recording the checkout of library books by members?

5) A customer failed to include her account number on her check, and the accounts receivable clerk credited her payment to a different customer with the same last name. Which control could have been used to most effectively to prevent this error?

6) If invoices are processed in groups of fifty, which fields from the document shown below would not be used to create a hash control total?

7) A data entry input control in which the application software sums the first four digits of a customer number to calculate the value of the fifth digit and then compares the calculated number to the number typed in during data entry is an example of a

8) All of the following controls for online entry of a sales order would be useful except

9) A specific inventory record indicates that there were 12 items on hand before a customer brings two of the items to the check stand to be purchased. The cashier accidentally entered quantity 20 instead of 2. Which data entry control would best have prevented this error?

10) When processing weekly payroll, an employee accidentally entered 400 for hours worked. The best data entry control for this error would be

11) The data entry control that would best prevent entering an invoice received from a vendor who is not on an authorized supplier list is

12) Forms design is an example of this type of control.

13) Sequentially prenumbered forms is an example of a(n)

14) Turnaround documents are an example of a(n)

15) A validity check is an example of a(n)

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