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ACC 564 WK 9 Quiz 4

This archive of ACC 564 WK 9 Quiz 4 comprehends:

1) Using a file-oriented approach to data and information, data is maintained in

2) In a well-structured relational database,

3) File-oriented approaches create problems for organizations because of

4) Which statement is true regarding file systems?

5) The ________ acts as an interface between the database and the various application programs.

6) The combination of the database, the DBMS, and the application programs that access the database through the DBMS is referred to as the

7) The person responsible for the database is the

8) All of the following are benefits of the database approach except:

9) The physical view of a database system refers to

10) The ________ handles the link between the way data are physically stored and each user's logical view of that data.

11) The logical structure of a database is described by the

12) The schema that provides an organization-wide view of the entire database is known as the

13) A set of individual user views of the database is called the

14) A low-level view of the database that describes how the data are actually stored and accessed is the

15) Record layouts, definitions, addresses, and indexes will be stored at the ________ level schema.

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