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According to philosophical definition of knowledge. Select one: What lucky guess lacks is justification. Truth is always subjective. If a belief is...

According to philosophical definition of knowledge...

Select one:

a. What lucky guess lacks is justification.

b. Truth is always subjective.

c. If a belief is true, it is also justified.

Question 2

Some philosophers point out that while properties of physical objects could be known _________________,

other people's feelings are only known __________________  

Select one:

a. objectively/subjectively

b. implicitly/ explicitly

c. directly/indirectly

Question 3

According to the empiricists, the main source of human knowledge is/are 

Select one:

a. logical reasoning

b. innate ideas

c. sense experience

Question 4

 Locke was an empiricist in that he thought that _________________.

Select one:

a. the self is a physical thing

b. all knowledge originates in sense experience

c. consciousness defines personal identity

Question 5

Famous empiricist John Locke compared mind of an infant to 

Select one:

a. a clockwork

b. a computer

c. a blank tablet

Question 6

Radical doubt led Descartes to 

Select one:

a. doubt the existence of his own mind

b. doubt the existence of the physical world

c. doubt the existence of God

Question 7

The dream argument in Descartes' First Meditation intends to prove that

Select one:

a. Life is but a dream.

b. There are no completely reliable signs to distinguish dreams from reality.

c. There are some reliable signs to distinguish dreams from reality.

Question 8

Descartes introduced the concept of the evil demon to

Select one:

a. explain the origin of all evil

b. confirm his skepticism

c. test what we know beyond any doubt

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