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According to the following requirements, write three paragraphs respectively. Each paragraph should be no less than 350 words.1. Learning how to produce a cash flow statement is as simple as follow

According to the following requirements, write three paragraphs respectively.  Each paragraph should be no less than 350 words.

1. Learning how to produce a cash flow statement is as simple as following the instructions given.  Reading a cash flow statement is another matter.  Watch this video by Phil Town titled "How Do You Read a Cash Flow Statement" located on YouTube at   Choose a company that trades on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and analyze their cash flow statement using the tips provided by Phil Town.  Summarize your findings.  

2. Read the article by Tyson Fisher (4/10/19) titled "Three former Roadrunner execs indicted in $245 million fraud scheme" located at .  Find the related SEC complaint.  Read the complaint and pick one element from the complaint that interested you.  Write a short description of the element and your opinion on the issue.  Who was harmed as a result of this fraud?

3. Read the United States Department of Justice Press Release dated December 18, 2014 titled "Former Rite Aid Vice President and New Jersey Businessman Charged in $14.6 Million Fraud & Kickback Scheme" located at .   Do a little bit of additional research.  Is this the first time that top executives at Rite Aid Corp have been charged with fraud?  What did you find?  How do you think the company could keep these types of frauds from happening again?

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