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ACCOUNT LAST YEAR'S TAX See back for explanation of taxes marked with (* ) \:3, 348.75 \CURRENT TAX BY DISTRICT` U Lane Education Service Dist U Lane...

I had 3 payment options:

1. pay everything on 11/15/18 ($3,455.30)

2. pay in 2 payments: $2,327.28 on 11/15/18 and $1,187.39 on 5/15/19

3. pay in 3 payments: $1,187.39 on 11/15/18, 2/15/19 and 5/15/19

I had $10,000 in a bank account with an APR of 6%, compounded monthly. I was deciding between paying the entire property tax ($3,455.30) on 11/15/18 or going with option #3, the 3 equal payments.

Which should I choose? What's the APR that they're charging me on the loan? Assume monthly compounding. (please show steps)

ACCOUNTLAST YEAR'S TAXSee back for explanation of taxes marked with (* )\:3, 348.75\CURRENT TAX BY DISTRICT`U Lane Education Service DistU Lane Community College51. 05VALUES AS OF 01 101/2018`141.60REAL MARKET VALUELAST YEAR`_THIS YEARU Eugene School District*Eugene School District Local Option1, 0BB. 10LAND{20 0. 08STRUCTURES98, 48198. 3 76\Education Totals :*197. 38.91. ATB. B.ZTOTAL`172, 460270, 041\U. Lane County`295, 765River Road Water District202. 81 .`MIS SPECIAL450. 45` ASSESSED VALUERiver Road Park and Rec LOMIS REAL MIKT VALUERiver Road Park & Rec District107.50ASSESSED VALUE*270.941222, 063295. 765Lane County Public Safety LOEXEMPTIONS*228, 725Lane County 4 HIExtension LOTIT. TO\3:43TAXABLE VALUE222, 06.3228, 725General Government Totals .1, BTO. TAU Lane Community College Band !!U Eugene School District Band !151 . 65360.!Bonds - Other. Totals .412.60MORTGAGE CO .If a mortgage company pays your taxes ,this statement is for your records only .TAX PAYMENT OPTIONSGo back of statement for RE`THE `HILLSPay BY``Discount`in Full`THATGROTE|2:130`THEROTE*2018- 2018 TAXES BEFORE DISCOUNT3. 562. 17TOTAL TAX ( After Discount*3, 455.30
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