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Accounting Terms Definition

Topic: Accounting Task

Task; Accounting terms definitions

Word Count: 1400 Words

Reference: APA

Task Description

You are required to do Q1,2 3,4,5,6,9,11,12,13, and 14. You dont need to do Q7, 8,10 and 15. No need to do excel related question. Its not a lot of work. I have attached everything plz look at the marking criteria and you will know the marks of each question and write according to that and there is excel questions as well which need both normal and formula view It should be attached in word file. Be careful with this task as it s a masters level assignment.  Best preffered candidate with finance/accounting background.

For Qno 3 you need to list and explain four website relevant to accounting.

For Qno 4 need elaborate explanation.

For Qno 6, you are required to write a business report in actual format.

Qno.12 you have to give journal entries example also only listing

qno.13 do not forget to give example, same for question 14.


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