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ACCT 429 Week 3 DQ 2 You Decide-Tax Capital Gains

This paperwork of ACCT 429 Week 3 DQ 2 You Decide- Tax Capital Gains encompasses:

The question of whether capital gains should be subject to the federal income tax has long been a subject of debate. Today, however, the issue has become less abstract and theoretical, because many congressmen and congresswomen (and pundits and commentators, etc.) are openly advocating substantial reductions in or outright abolition of all such taxes. Scour the Internet for commentary on this issue, and consider the arguments in light of what you know about capital gains taxes. Is the capital gains tax a good tax? Why or why not? In making your decision (and explaining your answer), make sure that you consider some of the fundamental requirements of a good tax that we explored in Week 1, such as fairness, efficacy in raising funds, and relative ease of administration. Include links to and summaries of the articles that you've reviewed and found particularly influential so that we can all comment on this issue!

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