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ADJ 215 Week 8 Assignment Morality and Law

In this paperwork of ADJ 215 Week 8 Assignment Morality and Law you will find the answers on the next questions:

1. Under what circumstance if any might the legalization or decriminalization of drugs be beneficial to society? 2. Do you consider alcohol a drug? Should greater control be placed on the sale of alcohol? 3. Do TV shows and films glorify drug usage and encourage youths to enter the drug trade? 4. Is prostitution really a crime? Should a man or woman have the right to sell sexual favors if they choose? 5. Do you believe there should be greater controls placed on the distribution of sexually explicit material on the Internet? 6. Which statement is more accurate (a) sexually aggressive men are drawn to pornography because it reinforces their pre-existing hostile orientation to sexuality.(b) reading or watching pornography can make men become sexually aggressive.7. Are there objective standards of morality? Does the criminal code reflect Contemporary national moral standards or, are laws banning sexual behaviors and substance abuse the product of a relatively few

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