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Alibaba is based in China. Of which of the following is China a member?

Alibaba is based in China. Of which of the following is China a member?

a. Southern Common Market

b. European Union

c. North American Free Trade Agreement

d. Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation

e. Association of Southeast Asian Nations

China's total output of goods and services for a given period, including sales through Alibaba, comprise its

a. exchange rate.

b. gross domestic product.

c. economic force.

d. net domestic product.

e. currency valuation.

According to the video, China had little Internet access prior to 1999 and most Chinese consumers purchased products face to face from small local vendors. Alibaba had to overcome centuries of tradition of face-to-face transactions in order to get Chinese consumers to learn to trust the idea of buying online. To which of the following environmental factors does this best relate?

a. Sociocultural

b. Ethical and social responsibility

c. Economic

d. Competitive

e. Political, legal, and regulatory

The rapid growth of Alibaba required consumers to trust in and adopt the new e-commerce site once the infrastructure and products to do so became available. This best relates to which of the following environmental forces?

a. Ethical and social responsibility

b. Political, legal, and regulatory

c. Technological

d. Economic

e. Competitive

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