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All I am trying to do is to get a further understanding of what the essay should look like.

Hello, could you please help me out with the historical essay. All I am trying to do is to get a further understanding of what the essay should look like. Thank you for your help. I will be using this essay as an example to help me write mine. Thank you for your help.

The European Nations that colonized the Western Hemisphere engaged in different methods of colonization and interactions with Native Americans. Some countries practiced policies of frontier inclusion with Native Americans, while other countries engaged in the  frontier of exclusion with Native Americans from their colonies and societies.

For this paper you must analyze the similarities and differences in the relationships the Spanish, English, and French had with Native Americans. First, in what ways were the colonial powers similar and different in their patterns of colonization/settlements and interactions with Native Americans? Make sure you analyze their economies, social organization, and political systems. Which of these European groups practiced policies of inclusion/exclusion in regards to the Native Americans? Remember to analyze the colonies and settlements in North America and Meso- America. analyze the reaction and response of one Native American group to the development of European settlements/colonization in the Western Hemisphere.  You must quote “out of many” by John mack Faragher and “Thinking Through the Past” by John Hollitz.  Also remember that it must be in Turabian format and at least 4 pages.

Thank again.

European colonization of the America – A Reflection:Compare and contrast between Spain, French and European colonization:Native American are interacted with the Europeans colonization powers at...
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