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Alpha company does all of its banking with the Micro City Bank Trust, Co.

Alpha company does all of its banking with the Micro City Bank & Trust, Co. The following banking information from its bank statement dated January 31, 2018 was provided to you from late on the close of business today. Your general manager ask you to prepare the bank reconciliation because it is believe that there may be some personnel concerns. One of great concern is that IT section noted that the general ledger balances were not being calculated. The day-to-day system information was entered by for some reason no monthly balances could be system generated. It now remains to you to determine what should be the balance per books for the Cash account. This is critical information since it will be used to validate any system generated dollar amount for the Cash account as of 1/31/18 once the IT section can get its act together and "fix" the system!!

Item:                                                                         Amount:

-Cash Balance per Bank                                            $30,200


-Bank Service Charge                                                175

-Collection of Note Receivable from Mr.                   5,145

 Yankee Zulu including the interest

of $150

-Micro Citi B&T paid directly from the cheque         2,650

account the current portion of Alpha's mortgage

 payable which included the interest due

for the month in the amount of $150

Customer (Mr. Welcher) cheque was returned as NSF by Micro Bank system for $250. The following additional information was determined from a review of the cash payments & receipts and the cheque register for Alpha company:

1.    The following cheques had not cleared the bank as paid:

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