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An explication is a short, highly focused analysis . It makes an argument by focusing on the details of short sections of text.

An explication is a short, highly focused analysis. It makes an argument by focusing on the details of short sections of text. It ends with a brief concluding statement that explains how the analysis supported the argument.

The third explication will focus on an early section of Ted Conover's Newjack: Guarding Sing Sing as read through Michel Foucault's "Panopticism." Choose one excerpt from Newjack and one from "Panopticism" and think about their relation to one another. The excerpts should be about half a page long each. Focus on ONE of the following:

  • Argument
  • Description 
  • Setting
  • The role of the observer
  • The condition of those observed

Feel free to come up with other ideas. Several of the ones listed above offer many directions.

An example of a first sentence that could lead to an argument is:

Michel Foucault's description of the function of observation in modern penology is demonstrated in Ted Conover's Newjack: Guarding Sing Singthrough the descriptions of Cell Block A and Cell Block B.

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