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An increase in income of consumers will generally lead to what impact on the market for Top Ramon Noodles.

following interpretation can be made:  

A) This regression is able to explain the rent of the apartment 46% of the time and an increase in size of the apartment by one square foot will increase rents by $1.20, but we cannot reject the null hypothesis that the coefficient is equal to zero. 

B) This regression is statistically insignificant and unreliable because the R2 is only.45 and it must be .95 to be statistically significant at the 95% confidence interval. 

C) This regression is able to explain about 46% of the variation of the rents with the independent variable of square footage, increases in size of the apartment by one square foot will increase rents by $1.20, the T statistic indicates that we can reject the null hypothesis and thus are confident that this variable is statistically significant in explaining the level of rents. 

D) This regression indicates that rent and square footage of the apartment is only 46% of the reason that people rent a particular apartment.  The square footage coefficient indicates that renters are willing to pay $120 more for an apartment with an additional 10 square feet.  The T statistic indicates that 4.56 times out of ten this relationship will be statistically significant.

E) One would need to know more about this regression and its output before one could draw any conclusions about the relationship between rent and square footage. 

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