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Analyzing Imperialism Writing

This is for my daughter 9th grade World Studies Class.

We have been covering the topics of imperialism in class for a few units now, we have examined the sucessess and the failures of the ideas and methods within imperialism. Now is the chance for you to analyze how those work and apply your ideas to imperialism to see if it is possible to have imperialism to be scuessful. 

In 1 page response you will write towards the following prompt: Can imperialism ever be successful?

I want you to imagine that you are about to take control of this newly discovered territory, similar to what we have studied recently. The people have their own culture and identity but you will be creating a colony there. 

Here are some topics to help guide your writing:

1. How would you set up government in the territory you are taking over? 

2. How would treat the people of the territory you taking over?

3. How would use the natural resources that your are finding in the territory?

4. What benefits would the colony receive and what benefits would you (the host nation) receive? Are they fair?  

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