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Analyzing Procedural Text

Read the directions for making a toy parachute.

1. Cut thick string or twine into four pieces that are 9 inches long.

2. Cut a 12x5-inch rectangle out of a plastic garbage bag.

3. Using a hole punch, poke a hole into each corner of the rectangle.

4. Slide the end of each piece of string through a hole in the rectangle.

5. Tie a knot to the end of each string so that they are attached to the corners of the plastic rectangle.

6. Either tape or tie the loose ends of the string to a small object, such as an action figure or toy car.

7. Hold the top of the parachute so that the object hangs loosely below it.

8. Find a high place from which to drop your parachute, such as a chair or a small wall.

9. Softly toss your parachute into the air, and watch it float to the ground.

The purpose of these directions is

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