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answer that 4 quastion

1/There are functional and cross-functional teams. Both are good depending on the situation. Discuss the differences between them and then give examples of when you might use functional teams and when you would use cross-functional teams.

2/Discuss at least two reasons conflict might arise (from the eText) and then discuss how those conflicts might be resolved (from the PPT).

3/The Stanford Prison Experiment, the Milgrim Experiment, and the Asch Experiment are three famous experiments that look at group dynamics phenomena. Discuss two of these experiments and talk about what group dynamic concepts are tested and looked at in each of these expreiments. 

4/An event that recently occurred is described below. Using information from the PPT, discuss three possible group dynamics reasons for this to have occurred.

"Fifteen white people calling themselves Respect the Flag had gone on a two-day ride through Paulding and Douglas counties, taunting and threatening African-American motorists and shoppers nearly everywhere the group went. The group put guns in their pickup trucks, attached Confederate flags to the truck beds and then trolled Paulding County on a bright summer day. They drank and cursed black motorists, taunting them with cries of, “Look at that (racial slur),” and “(expletive) that (racial slur).” The next day, the caravan was on the road again. By the time the group happened upon the birthday party in Douglasville, the taunts had escalated. One of the 15, Jose Ismael Torres, was threatening to “kill all of you (racial slur)s.” He leveled a pump-action shotgun at the partygoers, some of whom were no more than 8 years old." (MYAJC)

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