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answer the 2 questions listed below: PART 1 (6 points) Refer to any of the early theories of motivation (Maslow's, McGregor's, McClellands) when...

 answer the 2 questions listed below:

PART 1 (6 points)

  1. Refer to any of the early theories of motivation (Maslow's, McGregor's, McClellands) when answering this question. Think about your current or previous job. List 2 factors that are present (or absent) in your job that help you remain motivated (or not motivated) at work. What needs do these 2 factors help you to meet (or not meet)?

(Please note that if you have no work experience, then think about your motivation levels as a student at WSU to answer the 2 questions.)

PART 2 (5 points)

  1. Refer to the 4 types of organizational justice discussed in Chapter 7 to answer this question. Recall an instance in which you were treated especially fairly (or unfairly). Work-related instances are preferable, but nonwork examples are fine too. Describe whether the instance was more distributive, procedural, informational, or interpersonal in nature. What was the source of the fair/unfair treatment? How did you feel, and how did you respond?
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