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All the question should be about a page and a half and the answer came from the book, this is book link:


1: discusses the following question: “other than factors of family and education, what circumstances would influence an individual American more in determining his/her political socialization?”

2: describes and evaluates at least three of the original functions of a political party and in what respect these functions are relevant or not today.

3: describes and evaluates at least three reasons behind the long term decline in voter participation in the US.

4: describes and evaluates the reasons why our founding fathers created a bicameral legislature and what does this mean at the functional level.

5: describes and evaluates two of the many roles the president has to play as part of his tenure as a president.

6: describes and evaluates the following question: “Of all the sources of American law, which of them has consistently held the most authority over the largest number of people, and why?”

7: which the issue of morality versus reality in the conduct of US foreign policy is discussed and analyzed.

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