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answer the religion questions

Before posting to this Discussion Forum you will need to have read Chapter 3 in your textbook and the Online Lessons.

Answer ONE of the following Discussion Questions. After submitting your answer, respond to the answers of at least one of the other students. This homework assignment is worth 10 points.

  • Choose several of Gandhi's views on religion and discuss. What are your detailed reflections of his life and philosophy?
  • Or, describe in detail the several videos you watched in these lessons. What did you learn from them? What are your thoughts and reflections for each as how they relate to the material?
  • Or, read the experience journal of visiting the Gandhi Memorial and view the Online India Photo Album. Then, give your reflections/thoughts on what you viewed and how they relate to the material you've learned this week.

Note: This is a post first discussion topic. You will not be able to read another student's post until you've posted your response. You will respond to the answers of at least one of the other students.

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