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Apa 300 words Bennett-Alexander, D., B., Hartman, L. (2018). Employment Law for Business (9thed). New York, NY: McGraw Hill.This week is on chapters 1-3Chapter 1The Regulation of Employment Chapter 2

Apa 300 words 

Bennett-Alexander, D., B., Hartman, L. (2018). Employment Law for Business (9thed). New York, NY: McGraw Hill.

This week is on chapters 1-3

Chapter 1The Regulation of Employment

Chapter 2The Employment Law Toolkit: Resources for Understanding the Law and Recurring Legal Concepts

Chapter 3Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964

We are going to study how the law affects managers and management, in general. This is important for you to know as employees as well as potential future employers. Important note: One may not follow the law, but one should be aware of the ramifications of the management employment decisions one makes. For instance, as an employee, you may know that your employer has no right to do something, but you submit to it anyway because you don't want to lose your job or have to go to court. As an employer, you may know that your actions are not legal according to the letter of the law, but you weigh the costs and benefits and decide to do it anyway. Simply, you must know the law in order to weigh the costs!

There is now a knowledge gap among professionals since most managers and personnel practitioners have not had formal training in the application of new employment laws to the workplace. In addition, most lawyers may understand the law as it is applied to a business relationship, but not to employment relationships.

Let's start. Please visit the following three websites. Explore them thoroughly. Then come back to our discussion thread and tell us what you find. Maybe you will find some material that relates to this week's textbook chapters. Go out, take a tour, and tell us where it leads you...

First website:

Second website:

Third website:

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