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APA format job analysis essay 300 words quality work

Learning Outcome: Demonstrate how to design, develop, and implement effective HR policies and programs.

Consider your current career or profession (if you are a full-time student, then consider that to be your profession). Perform a job analysis by discussing the tasks required of your job; the knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary to perform those tasks; and the environmental trends might change your job over time. Which approach to job design (from Chapter 4) do you feel would be the most effective for your current profession?          

Job is a 4th year medical student as well as working with patients in lenox hill hospital in NYC. Please use this information to personalize the essay. 

Using this information and the Discussion Board Rubric below, develop a well thought-out original response to the questions with a minimum of 350 words and referencing a minimum of two academic sources.

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