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Article for analysis

Article for analysis

Write an essay that analyzes the Harvard Business Review article by Peter F. Drucker – Managing

Oneself. In writing the essay, you should show that you have answered the five questions:

1) What are my strengths?

2) How do I perform?

3) What are my values?

4) Where do I belong?

5) What should I contribute?

  • “Managing Oneself” by Peter F. DruckerFile 772.1KB PDF document
  • Your paper as a whole should be in essay form, including reasons and sub-reasons, and should have a
  • coherent organization to it. Your writing should be such that the impact on the reasoning of your
  • answers to the questions is clear. When you identify and discuss ambiguous terms and phrases and
  • value and descriptive assumptions, it should be clear to the reader (me) how your analysis and
  • evaluation influences the reasoning structure; that is, show how any ambiguity or assumption
  • influences how you might react to the reasoning.
  • Plan ahead! Be proactive!
  • You may DISCUSS the article with one another (my value preference of cooperation over competition
  • for the brainstorming part of paper); but your WRITING of the paper should represent ONLY YOUR
  • WORK (value of competition/autonomy over cooperation for the actual written expression of the
  • paper). Note: Plagiarism of another’s written material
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