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Selects an artifact (course paper, work project, etc.) and writes a one page reflective narrative in which the student presents evidence explaining how the artifact and other learning/professional experiences have resulted in proficiency for the outcome. for each of the program objectives (including the one you quoted here) you will need to write a brief narrative reflection showing how you understand and can apply the objective as well as provide an artifact (a prior course paper/project/discussion post or a work product) showing that you understand how to apply this objective. You don't need to (and probably shouldn't) recreate the objective itself in a new work product. There are nine learning outcomes. MSOLM Learning Outcomes:

A.    Evaluate the impact of leadership and ethical decision making on organizational culture.

B.     Identify the systematic and strategic dynamics affecting the organization such as the needs and perspectives of relevant stakeholders.

C.     Predict the impact of change and future challenges on an organization’s core business.

D.    Develop strategies for deploying human resource capital, including cultural diversity and multiple generations.

E.     Apply methods of facilitating change through process consultation, team building, conflict resolution, and large group intervention.

F.      Differentiate between modern organizational structural models and their impact on leadership style and organizational productivity.

G.    Apply systems thinking and theory to organizational challenges.

H.    Evaluate and redesign organizational structures, work processes, and governance.

I.       Demonstrate competency in reading and conducting research in organizations.

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