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There are three discussion questions that will need to be completed, please complete all three discussions. The book that is being used for this course is listed below.


Winston, M., & Edelbach, R. (2014). Society, ethics, and technology (5th ed.).Boston, MA: Wadsworth/Cengage Learning

ISBN: 9781133943556

eBook option ISBN: 978-1305474550

Discussion 3

Please choose and respond to one of the following questions:

Question A

This week we explored ways in which the traditional resources can be applied to problems raised by technological development. Pick two such resources (deontological views of obligation, consequentialist views, views of human nature, moral agency, etc…) and describe how our authors thought it “fell short” when applied to technological development.

Question B

Address the tension between a “new humility” and the desire to pursue utopian visions enabled by development. How should we respond to such visions? What moral values or virtues are being pursued?

Discussion 4

Question A

Please choose and respond to one of the following questions:

Imagine Stanley and Steinhardt had the opportunity to reply to Taylor’s case. Compose that reply. Note: This prompt requires that you are able to summarize Taylor’s reasoning and point to particular disagreements, then articulate reasons to reject some of Taylor’s support.

Question B

We see both benefits and deleterious effects of development in these readings. Take one example discussed by the authors and, using the moral concepts discussed last week, provide an argument concerning our interacting with or restricting use of a particular technology.

Discussion 5

Choose and respond to one of the following questions:

Question A

Contrast Joy and Kurzweil’s techno-pessimism and techno-optimism. How would Kurzweil respond to the Kaczynski dilemma (this will require you to articulate and evaluate the dilemma)?

Question B

Concerning enhancement, is there a value to “natural human engagement” with the world? Why or why not? If you answer in the affirmative, is that position compatible with the views of the society and technology articulated in earlier readings? If you answer in the negative, how would articulate the problem with things like steroid use, which are widely regarded as wrong?

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