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as below

Many of you are beginning to build your creditworthiness by opening loans (Notes Payable) and taking on your first credit card (Accounts Payable).

That said, DB 3 includes a video for you to watch. Additionally, I require at least two pages writing you will need to complete and attach to this DB. 

Here is the link needed to view the video (please copy and paste into a new browser):


And watch "The secret history of the credit card".

**Many of you have already encountered credit cards and may have advice or suggestions for your colleagues, please voice your comments in at least two pages of word file and submit to me.** Total points of DB 3 is 50.

To clarify, DB 3 includes two parts. First, you are required to watch the video about the history of credit card, and answer the questionnaire.

Secondly, at least two-page of writing is required based upon your own experience of using credit card, please share your advise and comment with us.

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