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As per the Case Study, the CEO has identified that National Camper Trailers has a gap in its policies, procedures and processes. You have been asked...

As per the Case Study, the CEO has identified that National Camper Trailers has a gap in its policies, procedures and processes. You have been asked to develop the following four (4) documents:

1.      Policy and procedure for responsibilities of the organisation

2.      Policy and procedure for decision making

3.      Policy and procedure for addressing issues and concerns in the workplace

4.      Completion of a Performance Plan including the planning process.

You have been provided with a template for the Policy and Procedure and the Performance Plan. (When you first click on the assessment, you will see that along with the assessment, there are two additional templates. All sections must be completed.)

Develop a Policy and Procedure:

Due to the issues raised in the Case Study, you have been requested to create three (3) new policies and procedures using the template provided.

1.      Develop a Policy & Procedure to guide all levels of the business to inspire all team members to take responsibility for their own work and assist others to undertake required roles and responsibilities. This should also reference performance review processes including the development and review of KPIs and the Code of Conduct. 

2.      Develop a Policy and Procedure to implement strategies to ensure that team members have regular forums and opportunity to provide input into planning, decision making and operational aspects of work team. This should also reference performance review processes and the Code of Conduct. You might also include reference to key meetings that are held in the organisation that staff are required and/or encouraged to participate in.

3.      Develop a Policy & Procedure to ensure that issues, concerns and problems identified by team members are recorded, recognised and addressed and appropriate follow up and response is communicated. This should link to both meeting management, Code of Conduct and a grievance process.

Please note: All sections of the Policy and Procedure template must be completed. We do expect a level of detail in the responsibilities and procedures. If you only provide one or two dot points in this section, we will request further detail.

Develop a Performance Plan

4.      As per the Case study, it has also been acknowledged that there is a gap in performance, particularly in the sales team. A performance plan and process to deliver the performance plan is required to be developed. (this will form part 1 of your assessment).

Develop a Performance Plan with KPI's, outputs and goals for the Sales Team which incorporates input from stakeholders. There are two sections to this.

The first is to discuss how to create the performance plan and the second part is to complete a performance plan. All sections of the document are required to be completed

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