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Ashford 601 week 4 Assignment

Ashford 601: Week4 Assignment

Human Resource Planning and Organizational Strategy

In a four- to five-page paper (excluding the title and references pages), formatted according to APA style as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center.

1) Discuss the relationship between human resource planning activities and the organization’s  

     strategic development and implementation.

2) Describe the eight elements of the staffing process.

3)Examine the relationship between the eight elements of the staffing process and the four 

activities related to human resource planning.

4) Based on the information in The Functions of Modern Management Chapter 9: Case: Using

     the Internet to Find the Best Talent, review the human resource planning process and the

     previous readings The Functions of Modern Management from Chapter 6.

5) Explain the relationship between the

     (a) four activities of human resource planning and

     (b) the organization’s strategic planning, development, and implementation.

Your paper should include in-text citations and references for at least three scholarly sources, in addition to the text,

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