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Assessment activity

Before training is determined or designed, a training needs analysis should be considered to develop a root cause and systemic understanding of the training elements such as what needs to be trained, who needs to be trained, where is the training location, and how the training will be measured. Unless a needs assessment is adequately performed it may be difficult to rationally justify providing training.  A needs assessment will enable management to determine if training is the best solution for the performance problem or development need. A needs assessment can be a critical tool for any training department. The learner and the organizational needs will be considered during this process.  The objectives will be relevant and the outcomes measurable. 

Use the Needs Assessment Template to create a needs assessment for the company. 

Please complete your Needs Assessment Template with short concise sentences and three to five sentences per paragraph. The template should be consistent with APA guidelines. All college level assignments require three to five references. Only references cited within the body of the assignment can be included in the references. Please know that all APA formatted assignments should be written in third person. Add a reference page at the end of your assignment.

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