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Assignment 1: Discussion—Miscommunication Problems

Reading and writing are, in many ways, two sides of the same coin. Joined, they are an attempt at communication between two parties. To communicate successfully, a writer should be able to clearly present a message that the reader is able to understand. It sounds like a simple process, but there are many ways that miscommunications can occur.

For this discussion assignment, complete the following:

  • Recall and describe an incident when you and another person experienced a miscommunication.
  • In your description, include information about what caused the miscommunication and how it was eventually resolved.
  • Discuss ways the communication attempt would have been different if the communications had occurred in a written form, like e-mail, text, or letters. If your incident originally occurred in a written format, discuss how it might have been different if the communication had occurred in a verbal format, either through in-person communication or on the telephone.
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