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ASSIGNMENT 1 NOKIA CORPORATION Nokia is based in Finland with operations in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, China, the AsiaPacific, North America,...

ASSIGNMENT 1 NOKIA CORPORATIONNokia is based in Finland with operations in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, China, the Asia-Pacific, North America, and Latin America. In Quarter 3 of 2007, Nokia’s market share grew to 39%. Nokia will sell approximately 430 million handsets this year which is more volume than its competitors; Motorola, Samsung and Sony/Ericsson combined. Nokia’s revenue is projected to grow about 30% this year to $76 billion, with profits.1 From 2006 to 2007, Nokia increased mobile phone sales by 3% and more notably, they increased operating margins by 78%.2 Furthermore, Nokia is a progressive company. They have been around for 142 years and they continue to stay on the cutting edge. Nokia plans to create an internet services and software segment of its company in January 2008. The company has already purchased a map database, a phone/video sharing site called Twango and it already offers services in downloading music, navigation, email and games.Currently, Nokia has operations in four segments: Mobile Phones, Multimedia, Enterprise Solutions, and Networks. Within the mobile phone segment, Nokia sells mobile phones and devices based on GSM/EDGE, 3G/WCDMA, and CDMA cellular technologies.4 Nokia is the market leader in all of the fast growing markets including China, Southeast Asia and India. Furthermore, Nokia’s global sales and manufacturing are so strong that their profit margins are wide and they are able to capture 80% of the industry's profit with only 38% of the volume. However, Nokia’s sales have been lacking in the United States. The following analysis will focus on Nokia’s performance in the global mobile phone segment, particularly what Nokia is doing well in the developing regions and what they are doing poorly in the United States.www.nokia.com http://www.forbes.com/free_forbes/2007/1112/DONOTTOUCH048.html?partner=yahoomaghttp://finance.yahoo.com/q/pr?s=NOKASSIGNMENT QUESTIONS 1.

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