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Assignment 1 This assignment requires that you investigate and develop preparing an analysis of the Bitcoin market from October 2017. Following the

Assignment 1

This assignment requires that you investigate and develop preparing an analysis of the Bitcoin market from October 2017. Following the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) Bitcoin has become an increasingly popular global investment vehicle. Recently the People's Bank of China (PBoC) suddenly closed down the Bitcoin market in China, making trade in it illegal. In this essay you will need to identify and explain the impact of China's regulatory changes on the Bitcoin market and their global impact. You will need to cite appropriate references from academic journals, government announcements, newspapers, institutional reports, etc., to support your analysis.


You are required to conduct research and then write an essay (maximum 3000 words) to present your findings with respect to the above core tasks. General writing is not the purpose of this assessment. You are expected to write a professional essay by technically applying any relevant or necessary knowledge you have learnt so far from the course BANK 5031.

Your essay should be structured as follows:

  • Abstract (200 words maximum): Briefly describe why your research is significant, what your research is about, how your research is conducted, and what your major findings are.

•      Introduction (300 words maximum): Introduce the topic, set the 'scene' to generate interest by highlighting the main issue, and discuss your motivations for this study

  • Literature review (500 words maximum):
  1. a.         Read several journal papers or articles related to the topic of currency exchange rates and international trade.  
  2. b.         Choose at least two high-quality journal papers or articles that you have read that are relevant to your chosen event and summarise the related theories and major findings.
  3. c.          Provide your own comments and critical thinking about the major findings.     
  • Description of the 'Event' and Data Collection (650 words maximum):
  1. a.         Conduct a web/newspaper search and identify a recent major event as outlined in Task 1.
  2. b.         Collect relevant data from databases such as those available on the websites of the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) and Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA).
  3. c.          Based on the data collected, organise empirical evidence in tables and/or graphs where appropriate.
  4. d.         Describe the trend in volatility or fluctuations within an event window as outlined in Task 2.
  •  Analysis and Discussion (1000 words maximum): This is the main body of your essay. You should:
  1. a.         Address the core questions as outlined in Task 3, Task 4 and Task 5.
  2. b.         Demonstrate how you approached each task and provide your analysis.
  3. c.          Interpret the empirical evidence and justify your reasoning.  
  • Conclusions (350 words maximum):Summarise your major findings and discuss the possible limitations of your analysis.
  • References: UniSAHarvard style.
  • Appendix: Include any necessary materials that support your essay.
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