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Assignment 1: Two Short Essays Weighting : 15% of final grade Length :

I do not know what this assignment entiles, need help. Assignment 1: Two Short Essays

Weighting: 15% of final grade

Length: Approximately 200 words (1 page) each; total of 400 to 450 words

Instructions: Select two (2) of the following questions and prepare a short-essay response to each question.

  1. Is Hunt and Lautzenheiser's discussion of the impossibility of a work of political economy being wholly "value free" convincing? Why or why not? On what basis do the authors make their claims, and why is such a contention problematic in their view?
  2. Hunt and Lautzenheiser, as well as Wood, seek to denaturalize capitalism. In their view, what are the central differences between feudal and capitalist class relations? Why are they critical of the "natural" model of capitalism, instead arguing that it was a long and bloody process of dispossession?
  3. Compare and contrast the philosophies of Aristotle and Khaldun. On what grounds are their theoretical views similar and where do they differ? And are their ideas relevant today?

Each short essay must include the following components:

  • a title and a title page;
  • a brief introduction that provides an overview of the topic to be discussed;
  • a main section that develops and substantiates the issues mentioned in the introduction;
  • a summary/conclusion section that pulls together or summarizes what your essay discusses; it should briefly outline the significance of the topic as well as any conclusions you may have reached; and
  • a "References" page that properly cites the source of the material referenced in your paper.
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