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1.Challenges in Closing High Level Sales in the Airlines Industry

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Generally, the more high-dollar and complex the item being sold is, the longer it takes for the sale to be made. The sale of a new commercial jet to an airline company such as U.S. Airways, Delta, or American Airlines can take literally years to be completed. Sales such as these are risky for companies. The buyers are concerned about many factors, such as the safety, reliability, and efficiency of the planes. They also generally want the jets customized in some way. Consequently, a lot of time and effort is needed to close these deals.

 In this discussion, address the following:

    • Describe the buying decisions behavior(s) in the above scenario, including the major factors that influence this behavior or behaviors. 
    • What are the marketing implications and what strategies might a marketing manager employ to encourage quicker buying decisions?
    • Discuss among your classmates the application of this concept and give them feedback on their replies. Provide examples where appropriate.  

2. Assignment

    1. While organizational customers are different in some ways from consumers, marketers need to answer a similar set of questions to develop a solid foundation for their marketing plans. How do those customers decide what to buy and what suppliers to buy from?
    2. The Internet is simultaneously encouraging two opposing trends in the airlines industry purchasing: (1) the growing use of short-term spot market contracts via Web-based auctions and (2) the strengthening of long-term buyer-supplier relationships via the sharing of sales and inventory data and the development of supply chain alliances. Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Why or why not? Defend your answer.
    3. Because of the differences in the decision-making process, a given marketing strategy will not be equally effective for both high- and low-involvement products. The consumer marketer’s first task, then, is to determine whether the majority of potential customers in the target segment are likely to be highly involved with the purchase decision or not. Why is this true? Defend your answer.
    4. Not all purchase decisions are equally important or psychologically involving for the consumer. People engage in a more extensive decision-making process, involving a more detailed search for information and comparison of alternatives, when buying high-involvement goods and services than when purchasing more mundane, low-involvement items. Provide examples for each type of decision-making process as they relate to the purchase of bundled travel options in the airline industry. 
    5. Regardless of the consumer’s level of involvement with a product category, consumers often prefer different brands because of differences in their psychological or personal characteristics, such as their perceptions, memories, attitudes, and lifestyles. Explain in detail each one of these four characteristics as they relate to yourself and provide examples. 

Part 2: Facilitating Business Buying in the Airlines Industry

Based on the module readings (Mullins and Walker, 2013), choose an airline that you are familiar with and conduct a value analysis as it relates to the supply chain for that company. Be specific in your analysis and determine what value this process offers, i.e. time, route planning, baggage handling, etc. for the airline. Write your answer in at least two paragraphs regarding these processes and the value propositions associated with your chosen airlines. Create a graphic showing the steps of the value chain. 

3. Watch What is Epigenetics? with Nessa Carey (0:39:25)


After watching What is Epigenetics? with Nessa Carey, post a thoughtful answer to the following prompts. Be sure to answer all four parts.

  • What was your overall impression of the film?
  • What was the most surprising or interesting fact/issue in the film?
  • Based on the reading in the text and the information presented in the film on epigenetics, discuss the nature/nurture debate with respect to temperament and personality.
  • What are some of the implications of our discoveries about epigenetics?

4.Take Washington State University's free version of the Sensation Seeking Scale.

 (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. Be sure to scroll to the bottom of the webpage to read the brief overview by Zuckerman. Then, score your test with the guidelines on that page


After taking the Sensation Seeking Scale, post a thoughtful answer to the following prompts. Be sure to answer all four parts:

  • What were your results on the four scales of the test?
  • Do you agree with these results?
  • Based on the reading in the text and the information on the website, discuss how sensation seeking is related to personality.
  • Do you think this is an important measure of personality? Explain your answer.
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